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Generate Report Layouts with ALGEN

What is ALGEN?

ALGEN stands for ApexLayoutGenerator and is an application designed by the team to generate customized Report Layouts, in the XSF-FO format. These reports are used to print PDF documents from APEX application using the OC4J application server and the FOP formater. A demo of this application is available here.

What are Report Layouts?

Report Layouts are used in conjunction with a report region or report query to render data in a printer-friendly format, such as PDF, Word or Excel. A report layout can be designed using the Template Builder Word plug-in and uploaded as a file of type RTF or XSL-FO. Report regions use a generic XSL-FO layout, which is customizable. A Report Query is a list of one or more data sources, usually SQL statements. Each report query has an associated template, or Report Layout, the default APEX Generic Report Layout, but also user-defined Report Layouts.

You can manage Report Layouts and Queries from Application Builder -> Shared Components:

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