Setup APEX PDF report printing with OC4J

APEX allows two versions of printing server configurations: standard, using a print server of your choice, or advanced, that requires BI Publisher. gives you a simple and robust solution: APEX PDF printing using OC4J as a print server (on Linux Centos with Oracle XE).

Step 1. Install OC4J server

Install the OC4J server as described here in detail. Start the server as a service or daemon.

Step 2. Configure OC4J with APEX-FOP

Access OC4J Application Server control from http://yourserver:8888 (ex.: Login with oc4jadmin and the password provided in step 1.

Access the Applications tab, the Deploy button:


oc4j apexninjas

Locate the FOP.war file from the APEX installation folder. The location should be /utilities/fop/fop.war in the APEX installation folder. Insert the complete server path in the "Location on server" field and click Next:


oc4j apex fop

Name the application FOP and delete the Context Root field. Click Next:

apex fop oc4j

The application should be successfully deployed:

oc4j apex fop

Step 3. Configure APEX report printing

Access APEX administration services (the /f?p=4550:10 application) and log in as admin. Go to Manage Instance -> Instance Settings -> Report Printing. Select Print Server: standard, Print Server Protocol: HTTP

Print server address: localhost (or the IP where you installed OC4J server)

Print server port: 8888

Print server script: /fop/apex_fop.jsp

apex print server


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