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Joel Kallman: Who uses (as of August 28, 2011)?

Joel Kallman, who manages, was kind enough to post a breakdown by countries for all the visitors, as an answer to our ApexNinjas previous post. The Google Analytics on the login page differ slightly that our analytics, probably because is not that accurate (6% visitors are from Europe, not saying which country?) and because visitors which hit are already using APEX and may not need accounts on, a valid point made by Joel in his post.

But the main idea is that most APEX users come from the US. Second place is taken by India and Romania occupies a fair 6th place:

Managing cached pages and regions in APEX. Caching behind the scenes

Caching of pages and regions has been around since APEX 3.0 and my personal opinion is that it is still an underrated and less-used feature. I haven’t found complex caching systems in APEX applications I have worked with and that’s probably because most people don’t know how APEX caching works and they prefer implementing other caching solutions.

Why would you use caching? Because it greatly improves performance. APEX renders each HTML page from the database and this could prove slow, when getting hit really hard by lots of users. To avoid that, you can cache pages/regions, so that HTML pages are retrieved directly from the APEX cache (still stored in the database, but as HTML files, not as metadata), but without re-generating the pages/regions altogether.

We are using caching for and it works like a charm. But this is just some simple caching, for the regions we know that do not change so often:

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Top visitors by country

So if I were to interpret the statistics for, the conclusion would be simple: Most of the APEX developers come from the US and Germany, with a staggering 57% of all APEX developers searching technical stuff on the web (and landing on Maybe ApexNinjas is not so relevant after all, but maybe the guys who manage (or the defunct can confirm this…

The sad news is that Romania, where is based, is not in the top 20 countries listed below :(

The good news: we get 2500 – 3000 visitors from all around the world per month! :)

Will APEX-based CMS solutions give WordPress or Joomla a run for their money?

We haven't published anything in a month on ApexNinjas. We haven't run out of ideas or anything like that. It's just that, between going to weddings, getting married myself, going on a holiday, working really hard, me and Claudiu have started working on an APEX Reporting book, that is due at the beginning of next year! How great is that?

I know we promised everybody a first release of the ApexNinjas blogging platform (Interested in an APEX blogging platform?) by the end of this year. And we are going to make the deadline, because we really think that delivering an open-source highly-customizable blogging platform, developed in APEX, is the first step for leveraging the wonderful technology behind APEX and Oracle databases for the masses. And the good thing is that somebody has already taken the first step before us, releasing a CMS Suite developed in APEX, PLSQL, Javascript css/XHTML: Easier Portal Suite, a product developed in Norway by Easier Solutions.

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