The ApexNinjas Blog Platform v2.0 is released!

I’ve been promising the release of the new version of our ApexNinjas Blog Platform that is running You can read the initial release notes on the Blog Plaform page. You can download and install it with no costs or hidden agendas.

Soon, we will update the release notes with detailed information about security and CSS customization. Just as a peak preview, the application was tested for security leaks using Recx ApexSec tool and respects all the best practices involved in developing APEX applications. It also has a simple role-based access mechanism, making some pages and features available only for administrator users and separating the data between regular users.

Also, we spent an important amount of time making the platform configurable, so you can customize the sidebar widgets, article bars, CSS layouts and so on. We will get back with instructions on how to work with the Administration Panel soon.

Meanwhile, download it, install it, enjoy it and please, send us some feedback!

Blog Platform download page.


6 thoughts on “The ApexNinjas Blog Platform v2.0 is released!

  1. tony miller

    Trying to run the blog application…

    On the admin application, I try running under apex 4.1 on 11g xe, seeing this error:

    ORA-06550: line 3, column 4: PLS-00201: identifier ‘PKG_AUTH.APEXSETENV’ must be declared ORA-06550: line 3, column 4: PL/SQL: Statement ignored

    Technical Info (only visible for developers)

    Issue with blog application:

    Error Error while setting visitor IP!
    ORA-29273: HTTP request failed ORA-06512: at “SYS.UTL_HTTP”, line 1722 ORA-24247: network access denied by access control list (ACL)

    Technical Info (only visible for developers)

    Any ideas??

  2. George Bara

    Hi Tony,

    You are using Oracle HTTP Server, I guess. I designed the blog working on Oracle XE with EPG so there might be something in the install scripts I need to change… Bare with me for a couple of days and I’ll update the blog sources.



  3. Tony Miller

    Okay, trying to do this a different way now… If we want to install the application on a hosted instance of APEX ( How can we do this without having access to setting up tablespaces? Can we modify these steps? Or would we also have to modify scripts to creating ALL the database objects too?

    Thank you,

    Tony Miller
    Dallas, TX

  4. Alf ordonez

    Hi folks, recently found this amazing app, can we have or create more than one blog site?
    Is the blog ready to be use with Oracle HTTP Server?
    tx in advance

  5. helmuth

    Mersi baieti!
    Cu unele mici schimbari, instalarea functioneaza perfect. (Si eu am avut problema cu eroare network access denied by access control list ACL).
    Acu tre sa ma ocup putin de detalii (pkg_auth, css, etc.)
    Inca o data multumesc, si o zi buna.

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