ApexNinjas.com has switched to WordPress

ApexNinjas.com is now running on the latest WordPress version, backed up by a MySQL database. Yes, I know, we’ve done a terrible thing switching from Oracle XE + APEX 4.1, but the hosting costs were too high, the services too poor and overall we were spending too much time maintaining the Linux server + Oracle XE instance just for this blog

We’ re still not 100% functional:

– not all images are uploaded to the new server (moving images stored in the DB is a real pain in the ass!)

– comments are not yet imported

One thought on “ApexNinjas.com has switched to WordPress

  1. Barry Williams

    Hi George

    This is my fourth email and I really hope I get a reply this time.
    I would like some Apex development help in building an online diary.

    Would you like to help me ?

    Barry Williams

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