Monthly Archives: April 2012

Test the NinjaPress blogging platform!

You can now test the NinjaPress blogging platform on! Just follow the URLs below and you configure the blog, create articles, manage images, link, CSS settings and more. You only need an username or email to access the administrative layer.




This version of the NinjaPress blogging platform is not the full version, due to limitations of

– just 1 schema available, so some of the security features of the blog platform (which uses on w”shadow”schema and a schema for the administrative layer) are not present in this installation

– no role-based user management, as does not allow using Application Context and having a custom authentication scheme with VPN

Please feel free to test it, keeping in mind that others might want to use it, so don’t tamper with the main settings!

Try it out live here:

Administrative Panel (just username required) here: