“Oracle APEX Reporting Tips&Trick” reviewed by Oracle ACE Roel Hartman

After the “not-so-positive” review of “APEX 4.2 Reporting“, Roel Hartman has kindly accepted to review my book Oracle APEX Reporting Tips&Tricks.

Of course, it actually took some guts to leave my book with Roel, knowing that there was a good chance it would result in a catastrophe, as far as I am concerned :)

Just after my not-so-positive previous book review, another author dared to ask me for my review. I asked him whether he was sure, and he – confidently – answered positive. This book, written by George Bara from Romania, is called “Oracle APEX Reporting Tips & Tricks”, so – from the title –  it seems to be covering similar subjects as the previous one.

Read the full review here: http://roelhartman.blogspot.ro/2013/12/oracle-apex-reporting-tips-tricks-book.html