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The ApexNinjas Blog Platform is a free opensource blogging platform developed entirely in Oracle Application Express 4.1. It is the blog platform that runs and has now been upgraded to the version 2.0, undergoing some major security fixes and configuration enhancements.

Main Features

ApexNinjas Blog Platform allows publishing articles on a public web application through an Administration Panel. The main page of the public web application is fully customizable, containing areas that can be displayed/hidden, customized, with a configurable CSS theme, widgets from RSS, sitemap and a Twitter plugin. Sidebar widgets, such as comment count, last comment, links, authors and a tag cloud can also be added and configured.

The Administration Panel comes with a graphic dashboard, articles, categories, comments, images, links and users management sections.

Dashboard. Displays graphs such as “Articles by Author”, “Comment Status” and “Uploaded Image Size”.

Articles. Manages the articles. Articles can be created as posts or pages, containing pictures that can be uploaded on the fly or managed through the image management tab. Each article can be assigned to a Category, can have attached Tags and Keywords used for search engine optimization (SEO).

Categories. Manages the categories. Can be created in a hierarchical structure.

Comments. Manages the comments. Articles can be marked as spam, deleted or published (approved). Marking a comment as SPAM will build a SPAM database, if the feature is enabled.

Images. Manages the images, that can be inserted into articles, as author pictures or as link images.

Links. Manages the links, with link target and image URL.

Tags. Manages the article tags.

Users. Manages the users. Users can be created as regular or administrators, with a descriptive biography or image. The password can be reset.

Settings. Accesses the main settings section. Configures the blog name, root URL, maximum allowed image and so on. Settings sub pages deal with comments settings, article display settings, appearance and CSS settings and history.

Download and Install

To download the source files for the ApexNinjas Blog Platform click on the URL below. Installation instructions are in the “instruction.txt” file in the installation kit (Thanks to Jari Laine for this feedback !)

After the install is done, log in the ApexNinjas Blog Platform with user admin/Password1, go to Settings and configure your blog name, blog root URL and the blog main page.


Try it out live here:

Administrative Panel (just username required) here:

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