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Create a mobile web application from your RSS feed

The easiest way to create a mobile version of your web application (particularly, your APEX web application) is to use a tool to generate it using the RSS feed. Presuming you already developed an APEX web application with an RSS feed, you can use of the may (free or not) tools to generate the mobile version of your website in just a few minutes.

A list of some of these tools is available here: We’ll use Mofuse (a 14 day free trial version) to demonstrate how we can create a mobile version in just 5 minutes for Our RSS feed is available at http://localhost:8081/apex/rss.

Using the simple wizard available at, create a trial account, log in, create a new website, at a RSS element, choose a layout and design and that’s all! Just check out on your mobile (available on free trail 14 days beginning in June the 14th). The result is a mobile app generated from the RSS feed, that looks like this:

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