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Meet the people behind RoOUG’s first event!

The RoOUG Startup Meeting is the outstanding result of an outstanding team working together. Meet the RoOUG informal committee behind RoOUG’s first event:

Mirela Ardelean

Mirela is a Computer Science Engineer with more than 12 years experience working with Oracle Technology. Skilled in PLSQL, XML, UML and Business Analysis, she is also a Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate and Oracle Forms Developer Certified Professional.

Mirela will present the Romanian Oracle User Group statement of direction at the “RoOUG Startup Meeting” in Bucharest.

Ciprian Onofreiciuc

Computer Science Engineer with software and hardware architecture systems skill. Interested in all types of distributed systems.

Ciprian will present Oracle 11g XE new features at the RoOUG Startup Meeting in Bucharest.

Paul Catalin Tomoiu

Paul has a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and 1-year post graduate studies in management with more than 10 years of computer experience in program/ project management, enterprise system software implementation, design, DBA team coordination and development.Main skills include: Program/ Project Management, Software & technical team coordination, Business Architect, Oracle DBA, Oracle eBusiness SuitemApplications DBA, Virtualisation (VMware software) and Unix Shell scripting.

Catalin will present Oracle Database 11gR2 new features at the RoOUG Startup Meeting in Bucharest.

Also, you can check ou Catalin’s blog:

George Bara

George Bara has been working with Oracle products since 2006, developing software for automated logistic systems and insurance companies. An Oracle Certified Associate since 2008, he is also an author for the, technical blog dedicated to Oracle Application Express.

George designed the RoOUG website and organized the promotion of the RoOUG Startup Meeting outside of Bucharest.

RoOUG Startup Meeting

The Romanian Oracle User Group proudly invites you to its first ever – Startup Meeting! The event will take place on April 5th at 18:30 (EET) in Bucharest.


Oracle Romania, 1st floor, room CVC6
Floreasca Business Park, Bucharest
169A Calea Floreasca Boulevard, corp B.


  • 18:30-18:45 – Participants registration
  • 18:45-19:00 – RoOUG presentation
  • 19:00-19:30 – Oracle 11g XE presentation – Ciprian Onofreiciuc
  • 19:30-20:00 – Oracle Database 11gR2 new features – Catalin Paul Tomoiu
  • 20:00- 20:30 – Q&A, Networking

For information or registration please send an email to or fill in the registration form:

Location information here: has switched to WordPress is now running on the latest WordPress version, backed up by a MySQL database. Yes, I know, we’ve done a terrible thing switching from Oracle XE + APEX 4.1, but the hosting costs were too high, the services too poor and overall we were spending too much time maintaining the Linux server + Oracle XE instance just for this blog

We’ re still not 100% functional:

– not all images are uploaded to the new server (moving images stored in the DB is a real pain in the ass!)

– comments are not yet imported

Pre-holidays fatigue has taken us over!

Pre- holidays fatigue has taken us over and this is our last post for 2011. Looking forward to start 2012 with new blog posts and an improved version of the ApexNinjas blogging plaform (thanks for the awesome feedback Jari and Trent!).

This is 2011 in facts and numbers:

– launched

– published 67 APEX-related articles

– received some 180 comments

– developed and released ALGEN – Apex Layout Generator, an APEX tool that allows you to create XSL-FO report layouts: free of charge + sources

– developed and released ApexNinjas blogging platform: free of charge + sources

– participated as a presenter (APEX Printing Techniques) at OUGUK APEX SIG Meeting – London, November the 3rd.

Happy Holidays everyone and have a wonderful New Year!

The ApexNinjas team

Joel Kallman: Who uses (as of August 28, 2011)?

Joel Kallman, who manages, was kind enough to post a breakdown by countries for all the visitors, as an answer to our ApexNinjas previous post. The Google Analytics on the login page differ slightly that our analytics, probably because is not that accurate (6% visitors are from Europe, not saying which country?) and because visitors which hit are already using APEX and may not need accounts on, a valid point made by Joel in his post.

But the main idea is that most APEX users come from the US. Second place is taken by India and Romania occupies a fair 6th place: