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Developing and publishing APEX multilanguage apps

I started looking into developing APEX multilanguage applications a while ago. Although the premises looked good (APEX has globalization features and allows publishing an application in multiple language), the case at that time, which involved publishing a bi-lingual application in a runtime environment proved to have major faults. Still, this whitepaper describes the complete process or developing and publishing an APEX multilanguage application.

The main unanswered question remains: is there a way to publish multilanguage applications in an APEX runtime environment, where each deploy is done by running sql scripts with no Application Builder access? Anxiously waiting for an answer for 2 years!

Download the whitepaper from here.

The Complete Guide: Checkboxes in APEX Interactive Reports

One of the minuses of the APEX framework (at least until Apex 4.0) is the lack of adding checkboxes to reports, whether SQL or Interactive Reports (further called IR). Even if there is a workaround to this problem, it becomes serious when working with a large amount of data and even more serious when trying to implement checkboxes in interactive reports.

Simple checkbox creation with APEX_ITEM

Fortunately, APEX provides us with an assist package: APEX_ITEM. This package provides us with an API for creating almost every kind of objects: select lists, radio buttons, radiogroup, textareas, date pickers and checkboxes.

Let’s create a simple table:

create table CHK_TEST(
TEST_ID   number(3),
TEST_INFO varchar2(100),
TEST_DT   date,
SELECTED  number(1));

Creating a checkbox is possible using the CHECKBOX function:

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