Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use APEX with other SQL databases?

No, APEX works only with Oracle Databases. Actually, APEX is stored inside the Oracle Database. Every web page APEX delivers to you is first read from the DB.

Is APEX free?

Yes, it is. You can actually download it from Oracle.com. Will it be free in the future? Probably yes, because it’s already out there and it’s not likely that Oracle will start charging money from everybody who uses APEX rigth now.

What’s an Apex Ninja?

We didn’t coin this term, “apex ninja”. But it refers to APEX freelancers, “ninjas” that will do the job quickly, effective and … for money. It seems that “ninjas”, or freelancers, will become more and more important in the near future, regarding the IT industry.

Can I post anything on your site?

Yes, you can. First, send us an article by mail at apexninjas.com. If we like it, we’ll give you a subscriber account at apexninjas.com

Why would I use APEX?

First of all, what would you use it for? Sure, APEX is great, but it’s not for developing a blog, or for launching spaceships at NASA. It’s somewhere in between. If you think that your application involves a database and a front-end, just write us and maybe we’ll convince you that APEX is, or is not, the right tool for you.

Are you guys from Oracle or something?

Nope. But we are spreading the word on APEX because our own experience showed us just how many development hours can be saved using this tool. And we are skilled in APEX so… yes, we are doing ourselves a favor, also.

Where are you guys from?

Cluj-Napoca, Romania.