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Pre-holidays fatigue has taken us over!

Pre- holidays fatigue has taken us over and this is our last post for 2011. Looking forward to start 2012 with new blog posts and an improved version of the ApexNinjas blogging plaform (thanks for the awesome feedback Jari and Trent!).

This is 2011 in facts and numbers:

– launched www.apexninjas.com

– published 67 APEX-related articles

– received some 180 comments

– developed and released ALGEN – Apex Layout Generator, an APEX tool that allows you to create XSL-FO report layouts: free of charge + sources

– developed and released ApexNinjas blogging platform: free of charge + sources

– participated as a presenter (APEX Printing Techniques) at OUGUK APEX SIG Meeting – London, November the 3rd.

Happy Holidays everyone and have a wonderful New Year!

The ApexNinjas team