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Pimp up you APEX application with dynamic CSS styling

I was describing how we added a custom CSS to our ApexNinjas main menu in an article called APEX Creating a horizontal menu from a SQL Report, but while working on the new version of our blogging platform (which will be released together with hte source code by the end of November) we stumbled upon a new and coll way to “pimp up” you APEX app with CSS stylesheets.

Picking up where we left off in the aforementioned article, applying custom CSS would require:

1. copying a CSS file in the APEX themes folder and referencing it directly from there.


2. uploading the CSS file in the application Shared Components -> Files: Cascading Stylesheets area and referencing it directly from the APEX repository.

The best solution, however, it to create your own CSS table and encapsulate all the page components into <div> regions.

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