George Bara

George Bara has been working with Oracle products since 2006, developing software for automated logistic systems and insurance companies. An Oracle Certified Associate since 2008, George started working with APEX later that year and has been passionate about the product ever since, being part of several large projects using APEX in the life insurance industry.

He is a an author of the blog, together with Claudiu Moldovan, also an Oracle & APEX developer. Launched at the beginning of 2010, published over 50 APEX-related articles, how-to’s, whitepapers and tutorials, together with a free XSL-FO Layout Editor for APEX PDF printing called ALGEN.

George is co-author of the upcoming “APEX 4.1 Reporting” book, which will be published at the beginning of 2012 by Packt Publishing. He is currently working as a pre-sales engineer for SDL, supporting the European sales effort for machine translation technologies. He is based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

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